The Best Colour Schemes For Your Bridesmaids Dresses

The Best Colour Schemes For Your Bridesmaids Dresses
Author: Bridesmaid Dresses   Posted: 17 October 2014


When choosing the colours for your wedding you need to remember that it will influence the ambiance as well as the style of the wedding. A casual setting won't use traditional wedding colours, but rather soft pastels to compliment the bride. On the other hand, if you have a very formal and traditional wedding, you will use tints of white and gold to add to the formal atmosphere.

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing your wedding colours is the location of your ceremony and reception. If the chosen venue has blue and maroon oriental carpets, lime green with aqua probably won't be the best choice for you wedding!

You don't have to stick to one colour, if you choose purple you can have your bridesmaids wear different shades of purple. Below you will find some of the most popular colour combinations used for wedding celebrations.

Gold, Ivory and Champagne colours will definitely suit a very formal and traditional setting. You can add rose and light pink colours to accentuate the formal atmosphere. Lace and pearls is the perfect accessories and will make you bridesmaids feel special.

Another very formal and traditional option is using peach, sage and pistachio colour combinations. You can even incorporate gold with this colour scheme, especially with the invitations and décor. The neutral tones create an understated elegance for a formal atmosphere. Your bridesmaids can wear apricot or peach colour dresses with a pistachio coloured sash. 

If you are getting married in spring or summer, bright colours are becoming the order of the day. Again this will look great if each bridesmaid wears a different colour dress. This type of setting will be more casual than formal and is suitable for morning ceremonies.

A very trendy colour combination is using tints and shades of aqua, turquoise and teal with a bright green as accent. You can make this more formal by using silver rather than green and this is suitable for both morning or late-afternoon wedding ceremonies.

These colours will accentuate your white wedding dress whilst making the bridesmaids feel special in their own way. When using the infinity dress, a different colour for each bridesmaid is perfect. They can wear the dress in any style that fits their personality.

For a casual morning wedding, you can use these soft colours. Different shades of purple will definitely set the mood for a festive ceremony. Your bridesmaids can either wear the same colour dress in different styles or wear the same style in different shades. The groomsmen can also use the different shades of purple for their ties.

A bold colour combination will leave your guests with a lasting impression and using black, silver and blood red will accomplish just that. These colours will accentuate the bride in her white wedding attire while giving the setting a formal feel. You can even incorporate an Asian theme with red lanterns or printed fans, as red is their traditional wedding colour.


It is becoming more and more acceptable to reject traditional wedding colours and styles, thus you are allowed to choose anything that fits your personality and style. It is after all your special day that you would like to cherish forever without any regrets. Browse our Directory of Bridesmaid Dresses to find a designer in your area.

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