Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities

Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities
Author: Bridesmaid Dresses   Posted: 21 October 2014


Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a big honour and our guide will help you be a great support to your friend in the planning of her most important day. Whether you are the only bridesmaid or there are a few of you, it is important to know what the bride expects from you and what your responsibilities include.

Remember, one of your most important duties is to offer emotional support, by listening to the bride and meeting her needs as well as making her laugh during the stressful times. She probably chose you to be her bridesmaid for a reason, being yourself and being supportive are the qualities she will appreciate.

Where To Start

Find out what the bride-to-be expects from you. Sit together with the bride and make a list of all the things she wants you to do with a deadline so you can keep track of the time as well as what still needs to be done. Here are some things to get your list started:

  • Host a kitchen tea or bachelorette party 
  • Help with the pre-wedding plans
  • Shop for the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses
  • Plan a surprize treat for the bride close to the date


Host a Bridal Shower

When deciding between a kitchen tea or bachelorette party, you need to take the bride and her interests into account. Ask the bride what she would prefer - it is after all a party for her! If she already has an apartment filled with kitchen appliances there is no use in throwing a kitchen tea for her. Instead, you can do a lingerie party or host the bridal shower at a beauty spa where all guests receive a manicure with a glass of champagne.

You don't need to follow traditional kitchen tea ideas, but make sure you invite all female wedding guests for this special celebration. You can even hold two separate showers, one with a more traditional setting, inviting relatives and work colleagues and the other in a more social setting with her friends.

Visit Kitchen Tea Ideas for great themes, gift ideas and tips on how to host a successful kitchen tea. If the bride is more of a party animal, you can find great ideas for the ideal Bachelorette Party.


Offer the bride to help with some of the pre-wedding plans, but remember it is her special day and her tastes and style should be reflected in the décor and colours. You can help her with making the invitations, paper flowers, table decorations or any other décor accessories if she wants to add a personal touch to the ceremony.

Remember the bride is under a lot of stress and will need an ear to vent and release some of the built-up stress she is experiencing, so your job is to make her laugh and feel relaxed about all the things on her to-do-list!


The Wedding Gown

One of the best things of being a bridesmaid is that you get to go with when the bride is fitting and choosing the perfect wedding gown! Use our Dress Fitting Survival Kit to ensure the day is filled with fun and laughter rather than stressful experiences.

  • Lingerie - bring the lingerie you plans to wear on the wedding day to make sure it fits with the dress
  • Shoes - you probably haven't bought the perfect pair of heels yet, but bring something similar to see if the length should be altered
  • Jewellery - Now is the time to break open the safe and bring your expensive jewellery to the lime light! See how the neckline and veil will affect your choice of jewellery
  • Camera - Not only to capture this special moment with your best friend, but it will also help to look at the details later
  • Snack bar - It emotionally draining and physically exhausting to fit so many dresses, so be sure to bring a snack and plenty of fluids to keep you energized


Please feel free to browse our Bridesmaid Dress Online Directory for a designer in your area.


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