Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Kitchen Tea and Bachelorette Party Ideas
Author: Bridesmaid Dresses   Posted: 22 October 2014


Organizing and hosting a successful bridal shower can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but we have put together this list of themes, tips and gift ideas to help you get started. Take the bride's needs and personality into consideration, if she doesn't like cooking a kitchen tea will probably not be so much fun.

When planning the kitchen tea or bachelorette party, you don't have to follow traditional ideas, but rather tailor the party to match the bride's expectations and ideas. Make sure you invite all female wedding guests for this special celebration, and if a lingerie party might be awkward with her grandmother present, you can even hold two separate showers, one with a more traditional setting, inviting relatives and work colleagues and the other in a more social setting with her friends.

Print a list of all the guests and while the bride opens her gifts, make a note of who gave what to make it easier for the bride to send thank you notes later. Also, remember to take loads of photos and have fun!

High Tea Kitchen Tea

A High Tea is ideal for an elegant kitchen tea held in the morning in a quaint tea garden. Handwritten invitations will set the tone for a fancy, not too formal kitchen tea with close friends and relatives. For decorations you can use old porcelain, roses and serve old-fashioned lemonade. Ask the guests to dress up with lots of lace, pearls, hats and gloves. You can prepare light sandwiches and pastries to serve with a wide selection of teas.

Dress-up Kitchen Tea

If you know the bride-to-be likes movies, cartoons or fairy tales you can build a theme around that and ask the guests to dress up accordingly. You can decorate according to the theme and give prizes for funniest, most relevant dress. Serve finger-food and try to stick to the theme of the kitchen tea. A fun activity for this theme is to get a Dress Designer or Image Consultant to demonstrate the different dress styles suitable for different body shapes.

Chef's Choice Kitchen Tea

A Chef’s Choice party is a good idea if the bride-to-be is not very comfortable in the kitchen. You can arrange for a chef to give a demonstration on how to plan a fancy meal from the starters to the mains and dessert. Each guest can bring a recipe and kitchen tip as 'entrance fee', bind everything into one book and give to the bride at the end of the kitchen tea. Tt will also serve as a great memory for the bride of this special occasion.

Traditional Kitchen Tea

If the bride-to-be loves tradition and being conventional, plan her kitchen tea accordingly. Invite friends, close relatives and extended family to share this special day with her. You can dress her up with kitchen items and play games and serve finger food. A fun icebreaker for this party is to divide the guests into two groups and play Wedding Pictionary or Wedding Charades.


Pamper Bachelorette Party

Every girl loves to be pampered and this Bachelorette Party will make sure the bride-to-be is relaxed and looks radiant for her special day! The Pamper Party is perfect if you have to cater from grandma to niece, you can hire a professional beauty therapist to give mini 15 minute treatments to all guests and guests can buy her products or services as a gift to the bride. The gathering should be relaxed and rejuvenate the guests, so use soft pastel colours for the décor. You can serve cupcakes, fruit kebabs or other light delicacies.

Photoshoot Bachelorette Party

This bachelorette party will definitely be a fun filled afternoon with loads of giggles and laughter - the perfect remedy for a stressed bride-to-be! Hire a professional photographer to capture the afternoon while friends and family enjoy quality time with the bride. You can choose a public area like a beautiful park or beach and have a picnic. Guests can bring picnic baskets and the photographer takes photos while everyone is having a good time on blankets. Otherwise you can all meet at a fancy hotel and do a themed shoot for example, Lace & Pearls or a Pin-up Shoot where guests wear retro bustiers, hot pants and high heels.

Cocktail Bachelorette Party

A Cocktail party is ideal for a younger crowd getting together for the evening. You can host this bachelorette party at a hotel or function venue - this gives the guests the option to stay over after a few drinks. Arrange with a professional bartender to do a demonstration of cocktails and book a sushi bar for dinner (or order platters).


The most important thing to remember when organizing a bridal shower is to spoil the bride-to-be! The day or night should be all about her and what she wants to do, so if the kitchen tea or bachelorette party is a surprize, take her personality into account. For more ideas, visit Kitchen Tea Ideas for great themes, gift ideas and tips on how to host a successful kitchen tea. If the bride is more of a party animal, you can find more ideas for the ideal Bachelorette Party here.

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